So, You Call Yourself An Author?

This blog post will really resonate with other writers who are on the journey but not ‘there’ yet. About this time last year, I made the decision that I was going to write a book. After being inspired by Jane Turner’s Story on becoming a published author, the decision to have Jane as my writing coach was was a simple one.

Without Jane, I think this journey would be significantly longer (and far more painful). During one of the recent Power Writing Workshop weekends, we were discussing the concept of owning the identity of being an author.  In that moment, something changed. It’s only a small distinction, but it’s very powerful.

Yesterday, I was writing a book. Today I’m an author. 

Today is the day that I decided I am an author. Did I attend my book signing? No. Did I finish my book? Not exactly! In fact, I’m about half way through. As much as I’ve been faced with great amounts of self-doubt and feeling like a fraud, I’m powering on with certainty.

How do you define an author? 

In my head, I had reserved the title of ‘author’ to the super successful. An author was someone who was already published and on the bestseller list.  Heck, they are probably a successful TED presenter as well.

But when this belief was challenged, it made me challenge my own definition.

And then I googled it;

Dictionary definition of author - What is an author

And then I laughed! … a book, article or document? That could be ANYTHING!!

The fact is, we are all authors. Just because you aren’t published yet, doesn’t mean your book isn’t more real than ever. In factwhat has helped me enormously is to print out my progress. To see the material work taking form is what increases your level of believability.
I’m writing this to not only inspire you, but it’s a good reminder to myself. Don’t doubt the journey. The story you have inside of you is worth putting to paper, no matter how raw and unorganised the first version might look.
Keep charging ahead!
Photo by on Unsplash
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