Quiet Confidence Book

Synopsis – Quiet Confidence, Breaking Up With Shyness

Quiet Confidence: Breaking Up With Shyness

  • How would your life be different if all your interactions were undertaken with confidence?
  • What if you weren’t the ‘shy’ person in the office but the respected deep-thinker?
  • What if you could change how you are perceived without changing who you are?
  • Can an introvert still radiate confidence without attempting the impossible task of becoming an extrovert?

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In Quiet Confidence: Breaking Up with Shyness, life coach Joel Annesley assures you that yes, you can. Joel once had an overbearing relationship with shyness that left him insecure, unable to speak up, and affected him personally and professionally. He shares a journey fraught with trials that ultimately led him to finally break up with shyness and see life with new sight—and to live a life of Quiet Confidence. Joel guides you through simple steps to help you to build the courage to break up with your own shyness. You’ll develop a calm, quiet, and courageous voice within that will help you navigate the challenges of being an introvert living in an extroverted world.

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