Top 5 Tips To Overcoming Stress

Know that feeling when your heart is racing, and you’re feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you are not sleeping well and constantly feeling uptight? Chances are you are stressed out to the max. Below are some easy suggestions to help you cut the stress and get your life back in balance.

#1. Cull your to-do list

One of the big stresses in your life right now is you feel overwhelmed with what you need to achieve. You have too much on the to-do list. How can you fix this? Grab low priority items, or items that aren’t due immediately and hide them out of sight.

#2. Time out

Truth is, you aren’t going to be productive if you’re constantly in a stressed mindset. Find time to get outside, go for a walk or meditate. Turn your phone on flight mode and remove distractions. If you spend hours in front of the computer, practise some eye exercises and find a place that you can look out into the horizon.

#3. Reduce your caffeine intake

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks only heighten our nervous system. If you’re already feeling stressed out, try substituting your coffee for a herbal tea.

#4. Focus on your breath

When you’re feeling uptight and stressed, changes are you aren’t aware of your breath. Take a moment to tune into your body. How are you breathing? Try some deep breaths. This sends a signal to your brain to start relaxing and reduce the levels of stress in your body.

#5. Think BIG

Even though you are stressed right now, how important is it in the grant scheme of things? Will this matter in a six to twelve months? Will it matter ten years from now? Changes are, you’re stressing over minor things that actually don’t matter.

What do you do to reduce your stress levels? Leave a comment below!

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