5 Productivity Hacks to Get You Super Focused

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Ever found yourself getting distracted and wondering where the hours went? You’re not the only one! If you aren’t aware of how you’re spending your precious hours, here’s a list of 5 productivity hacks to help you get super focused.

#1. Find your WHY

One of the key things you need to start doing is work out why it is you’re doing what you’re doing! It’s too easy to get caught up in the daily mundane and completely forget how that contributes to something far greater. Here’s a reminder: we are all here to work on our greater higher purpose. It might be as simple as providing for family and friends – but it’s ultimately all about squeezing the juice out of life. So, get clear on what your grand vision is. Then look at the mundane tasks and prioritise accordingly. What is moving towards my dreams? The tasks that don’t contribute, hide them or get rid of them (as explained below)!

#2. Cull, cull, cull

We can get so caught up in the vast number of tasks we need to accomplishment. When our brain clutters up with too much ‘stuff’, we become overwhelmed and we look for continual distractions. We want time out! Don’t overwhelm your mind. Hide your non urgent tasks away or destroy them!

#3. Do the quick things first

If you have a number of quick items you can process in a short timeframe, do them first. Once you’ve got them ticked off the list you’ll be feeling like you’ve already accomplished something and ready to get focused. This tells your mind that you’re on a roll, your day is going to be awesome! You’ll get clutter out or your mind and off your desk so you can focus on larger tasks.

#4. Remove or schedule distractions

If you’re in an environment where you’ve got lots of distractions, get rid of them, or move somewhere else. If you’re at home, try working from a public library instead. If you love the occasional social media fix during the day, make sure you schedule it. Don’t let distractions take over your life! That way you can keep track of how much time you’re devoting to distraction time.

#5. Take regular breaks

This is critical! When we are focused, we don’t want to stop until we finish. The problem? we aren’t giving our mind and body a break.  Here’s the deal – short and regular breaks will overall boost  productivity, not to mention the health benefits!

If you’re curious about my three minute workout routine, here it is. It’s insanely popular in Japan, and was introduced to me by a good friend of mine. Although its a laugh, and you might feel a bit silly at first – you’ll have a lot of fun in the process!

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Your next task is to comment below – what do you do to keep yourself focused?

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