Why Does Time Fly as We Get Older? Finally Solved!

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Omg look at the time! The hours… The days… and the years are flying by.

Why is it that time appears to speed up as we get older? How can we fix this? How can we fell like we can have more time? Why does life feel like it’s running on automatic or on fast-forward?

It hit me recently, leading up to the craziness of  Christmas. I was talking to a sales assistant. This is what they said:

‘As soon as I finished my studies and I started working, time has sped up. I don’t know why…’

This was something I could relate with. Why is that the case?

I needed to solve this once and for-all. I don’t want to feel like one year has passed and all of a sudden I’m 90 years old.

Apparently, Psychologist William James in 1890 observed that we are having less first experiences. From our first school experience to dating, and our first kiss etc. If we finish our studies and find ourselves working, we are are in a routine and the ‘newness’ of life fades away.

As we are going about our daily life, if our brain finds nothing new or interesting, it tells us ‘this isn’t fun, I’m not going to commit any of this to our long term memory so I’m going to skip over it instead‘.

How do we stop this from happening?

Obviously we need to have more first experiences.

Create a Bucket List

One obvious thing is to put a bucket list together. What haven’t you experienced yet? Look at this in detail. Put goals in your calendar. Set a goal, set multiple of them. You don’t just have to set big goals. Set both big and small goals. Then you can look forward to lots of little new experiences. They don’t have to be crazy or wild, they just have to be new! Find something new!

Appreciating the ‘Newness’ of Everyday

This newness thing, it taps into something deeper. Its about appreciating more of everyday. There are new things around us all the time. Each day we wake up with a new day. Regardless of today seeming like yesterday, it is in-fact a new day! You’ll never get that day back.

We need to start looking around more, appreciating where we are. Stop and smell the roses. Start thinking and start planning. Create more new experiences, but at the same time make the most of every day that you have. We don’t know which day is our last.

That my friends, is what I believe to be the ultimate solution to slowing down the clock. Leave a comment – let me know what you’re going to do to make today matter and tomorrow matter. What you can appreciate more of, what can you consider new?

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