What To Do When You Feel Things Aren’t Working

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I’ll be honest, I’m not always chirpy. A week in, I’m planning out more topics and titles to talk about for my 30 day YouTube challenge. I felt like I hit a brick wall. Mindset chatter was taking over. What was it saying?

You can’t do this. It’s not working. You don’t have anything valuable to contribute. You’re wasting your time. This is hard work!

I could feel frustration kicking in. I started looking for distractions… So I decided to pull myself up.

Natural Resistance Is Normal

And then I reminded myself that natural resistance is normal. The subconscious mind likes to give reasons why something won’t work, until you challenge this and replace with reasons WHY IT WILL. The truth is, success doesn’t happen overnight. Just because you don’t see instant results doesn’t mean you should give up.

So I made a conscious decision to change how I felt about this. Instead of saying ‘it’s not working’, I’m now saying ‘I’m closer than ever before’.

Keep Planting Seeds

It’s the result of our daily actions over a long period of time that will deliver our results. It’s like planting seeds. At first, you can’t see anything. You have to trust that below the surface something is taking place. Something you can’t see. You nurture your plants until they finally mature.

So, I’m changing that mindset and powering on regardless.

What do you do when you feel like things aren’t working?

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