Understanding Our Human Needs and Emotions – Tony Robbins

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Tony Robbins needs no introduction, being well known in the personal development industry. Tony calls himself the ‘Why’ guy. Why do you do what you do? Although Tony can speak for hours on this topic, he covered a lot of ground in just over 22 minutes. I’ve highlighted some of the key points Tony makes below:

Tony’s obsession has been centered around what makes the difference in people’s quality of life. This starts from gaining a greater understanding of our human needs. Tony mentions that we don’t always work to our own best interests because we let our emotions take over.

Two Master Lessons

  • Science of achievement – making the invisible, visible.
  • Art of fulfilment – appreciation and contribution.

When people fail to achieve their goals, what reasons do they give? (No time, No Money, No resources, No technology etc…) The defining factor is not resources but rather resourcefulness. Our emotions are our ultimate resource. Making a decision based on the right human emotion is our ultimate power.

[blockquote style=”1″]If we get the right emotion,  we can get ourselves to do anything – Tony Robbins.[/blockquote]

3 Decisions of Destiny

Tony mentions three decisions that directly shape your destiny. By having a higher level of awareness of how you process your decisions, in turn, you’ll make better decisions. Next time you’re about to make a decision, think about the following. Maybe even write out these questions and keep them nearby.

Focus: What am I going to focus on?

  • Focus = feeling
  • Past/present/future
  • Self or others?

Meaning: What does it mean?

  • Is it the end or the beginning? Are you being punished or rewarded?

Action: What are you going to do?

  • Are you going to give up or move forward?

Two Invisible Forces

State – How we are in the current moment on a physical and emotional level.
Long-term – How we perceive our world with meaning, emotion and action.

This is made up of three parts:

  1. What are your needs? What drives you?
  2. What are your belief systems?
  3. What is the fuel that drives you?

Six Needs

Tony then explains six separate needs that we all have, broken down into personality needs and spiritual needs.

Personality Needs

  • Certainty – the right balance of certainty in our lives. Too much certainty leads to boredom.
  • Uncertainty – that’s why we need a little variety and surprise in a lives.
  • Significance – we need to feel that we are significant, that we mean something. Violence is a negative means for seeking significance.
  • Connection / Love – most go for connection because love is too scary. We need it and we all want to feel it.

Spirit Needs

  • Grow – we need to feel that we are growing as a person. If we aren’t growing, we become stagnant.
  • Contribute – we have a need to contribute to something that is outside of ourselves.

What ever leads you the most will have an impact on your direction in life. Think about this: there are 6,000 emotions in the english language. However: we experience less than 12 emotions, in the average week.  At least half of these are negative.

Tony’s advice: Explore your inner web. That is: the needs, beliefs and the emotions controlling you. For two reasons: so you can give more and appreciate what is driving other people.


[blockquote style=”1″]”I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.” – Tony Robbins.[/blockquote]

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