This Simple Secret to Happiness Will Change Everything

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In today’s video, I’m going to share with you a simple little secret to changing your life. This little secret is a game changer. Seriously! Once you start playing too, you’ll be hooked. You won’t be able to stop. It’s exciting!

I’m talking about a little secret to finding more happiness in your life. Before too long, you’ll be radiating it! I’m talking about living on a natural high. This isn’t involving drugs or anything that will manipulate your state of mind. So what is it? The secret is gratitude!

The game changer is a short five minute exercise on living an attitude of gratitude. It’s broken down into two parts.

Part A – Write Your List

Spend five minutes every day writing a list of what you’re grateful for. Pour out that love energy inside you. Sometimes this is difficult to do if you’re going through difficult times. It’s going to take longer to feel it, but you’re going to have a major breakthrough. It could be as small as I’m grateful for the your coffee or tea you have in your hand, or a special friend, a loved one. Write down at least five things that you are overwhelmingly grateful for.

Part B – ACT!

This is the fun part! Pick one of your five and act. If you’re grateful for your coffee, contact the company. Send them an email, facebook message, tweet, phone call…. and thank them! Tell them how their coffee contributes to your day…and just how grateful you are! Do this for 15 days and let’s look at the results.

Tell me how your day changes when you start the day with gratitude! There are profound results ahead. If you’re ready to do this with me, leave a comment below – ‘I’M IN’. Having an attitude of gratitude – it’s not only thinking, it’s acting.

P.s. What’s first on my action list? It’s you! Thank you for being awesome, for tuning in and following my journey.  You rock!

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