Reaching Our Goals: One Celebration at a Time!

Happy New Year! As we embark into a brand new year, it’s often a time we reflect and plan out our goals for the year. I thought it would be appropriate to share my experiences on goal setting so far.

My experience

I have no problems developing long term goals. In fact, I love goal setting and ‘thinking big’. However, it’s translating these goals into achievable ‘bite sized’ steps with consistant action that I’ve struggled with in the past. I’m sure you know what I mean! Does the following description ring true for you?

You come home from a really long day at work, absolutely exhausted. You barely have enough energy to make it through the front door. The first thing you spot is the couch. You collapse. All you need now is a glass of your favourite wine (I’m not a beer person) and a snack. You take a few sips and life feels wonderful. The opportunity for rest is absolute bliss. You turn on the television, pop in a DVD and watch the hours go by.

Meanwhile your dreams are fading away, or being postponed into the distant future. Perhaps I’m dramatising a bit, but this has been my struggle. The requirement for rest seems to outweigh all other goals.

It’s all about motivation

If we really want to succeed, we need our passion and desire for change to outweigh the short term need for relaxation (to put in Tony Robbins terms, it’s what we associate with pain or pleasure). I’m not saying that we shouldn’t take time to relax and unwind, but we shouldn’t allow this process to engulf all of our remaining free time.

Visualise your goals

I’ve found that the more conscious of our goals we are, the more likely we will be motivated to work towards them. In order to do this, we need to surround ourselves with reminders that trigger the thought of accomplishing our goal. Our goal needs to make a lasting impression in the front of our mind for an extended period of time. Our decisions are based on what thoughts find their way from the sub-conscious to the conscious mind.

Celebrate small success

I’ve realised just how important this is. You’ve probably heard the old statement ‘it’s all about the journey, not the destination’.  We can get easily so caught up in where we want to be, that we forget to appreciate where we are now. How often do we achieve something small and forget to pat ourselves on the back?

In order to have the drive, the passion to continue reaching towards our goals, we need to feel like we are making progress. You can create this feeling by celebrating, rewarding yourself on a regular basis when you complete a task that is on track with your goals. Remember, it’s the small things you on a consistant basis that will get you there in the long term!

To conclude

To sum up, if you struggle with the motivation to work towards your goals, your goals aren’t concreate enough. Perhaps go back to the drawing board. How badly do you really want them? What are your underlying motivations? Are you motivated enough to create and stick with consistant actions on a daily basis? And… don’t forget to celebrate everyday success!

What tips do you have that keep you motivated? What is your secret to success? Comments are always welcome :)

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