Personality Type Test – Which Celebrity Do You Match With?

I certainly agree that we’re all unique in our own ways. But can you group together certain personality types? First invented in 1943, the Myers Briggs test still remains a popular quiz in determining and understanding your personality type. Take the MBTI test now at Celebrity Types.

Why the MBTI Personality Type Test?

It all started with Isabel Myers seeking a tool to help people understand and interpret themselves and others. With an ever increasingly popular uptake, the MBTI personality type questionnaire has been widely accepted in the executive / professional world and translated into numerous languages.

Why Should You Take The Personality Test?

By answering a short list of multiple choice questions, you’ll receive your personality type. What on earth does it mean? The infograthic below will give you a good overview, and a chance to see which celebrity you match with!

Remember, It’s Just a Guide!

Nothing can really measure you completely. You are unique, you are special… and there will always be things that a personalty type tool will never be able read. Don’t take your test result to heart, your personality type can and will likely change with time!

What’s Joel’s personality Type? If you must know – I’m an INFP! I admit, yes – I am a dreamer. But that could mean I’ll write the next best thing to Harry Potter… Who knows!

What is your personality type? Take the MBTI test now at Celebrity Types (opens in new window), and leave a comment below. Tell me, does it really match your personality? 

Famous Personality Types

by borisbenko.
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