How to Not Let Mistakes Define You

Ever had a moment when you’ve cursed and criticised yourself by a decision you’ve made? You beat yourself up over it, and you want to whack yourself over the head?

I’ve been there, done that; got the postcard! But the question is: do these mistakes really define us as a person?

Here’s the deal. It comes down to the story. Every single day, you create a new entry in your book of life. Sometimes the story makes us laugh, terrifies us, brings us joy or saddens us. We can go back, we can re-read old chapters time and time again. It is set in print. There’s no editing, there’s no deleting.

But there is one thing. Every time we re-read old chapters, we are writing at the same time; reliving that experience on the current page. The current page, the next page… They are all pages untouched, unspoilt. We are the person with the pen in our hand. What we do with this pen is up to us. We can write the same thing time and time again based on what we wrote before. Or we an write something completely new.

When we re-read an old chapter, we can interpret this chapter differently on the current page. We can change the meaning, the association we have behind this old chapter.

We can do this in a positive way. We can grow and learn through our mistakes. Obviously, we can learn what not to do. What not to repeat. We can also look at how this mistake lead to something positive into your life. Our mistakes can lead to breakthroughs.

Nothing has meaning except for the meaning you give it. – T. Harv Eker. 

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