How to Start the Day Feeling Great! – 10 Minute Morning Meditation

How to start the day off feeling great? Meditate! Meditation can have a profound impact on how we can cope with stress, and deal with daily struggles. The problem? “Life” takes over and we seem to struggle to find time to meditate!

What I’ve noticed, is that the act of entering a meditative state for even just 5 or 10 minutes has great benefit. I feel more centred, switched on and more mentally prepared for the day ahead. It stops me from running on automatic, and helps me to feel more gratitude every single day. Probably a lot more smiles too! 🙂

Morning Meditation Quote

[blockquote style=”1″]In the first moments of day before our mind is fully awake can be a wonderful time for meditation. – The Daily Om[/blockquote]

I wanted to share you this experience. I made a decision to record my own morning meditation, and I have since made it available on YouTube.

10 Minute Guided Morning Meditation

You are about to be guided on a morning meditation where you will harness the energy of the early morning rays of the sun, that radiates loving energy throughout your body. You’ll have the chance to let go of any negative thoughts, feelings or emotions so you can begin the day with a clean slate. You can shape your day exactly how you intend.

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Your Challenge

Set yourself a challenge to listen to a short meditation every-morning for a week. Before too long, it will become part of your routine… Just like brushing your teeth.

Leave a comment below – what impact has meditation had on your life? Have you challenged yourself yet?

Image Credit: Meditation by Moyan Brenn, on Flickr

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