How to Start Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

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This year I’ve moved a record number of times. I’ve packed and unpacked my gear which has taught me that the process of moving is nothing short of exhausting. But some people live a nomadic lifestyle with ease and it all starts with a minimalist approach to life.

What I’ve realised is that our physical possessions weigh us down. I can’t believe just how much stress my random crap has caused me. Your physical clutter creates mental clutter. Not only is there a cost in storing our possessions when we aren’t using them, but you also have the stress associated with keeping things in order.

Scarcity Mindset

Why do we collect stuff we don’t need? Because we have a scarcity mindset. This means we feel the need to collect more possessions because one day we might need them. The reality is: we can buy whatever we want when we want it. You don’t need to buy stuff in the event you might need it one day. So it’s time to get rid of that scarcity mindset. You’ll always have enough!

Going Digital

It’s time for things to change. In reality, when I really think about it – I don’t need the most of my possessions. As long as I have my laptop, my phone – I’m ready to work from anywhere in the world. If I want a book or a DVD, I’ll buy a digital copy. My next project is to sort through my book collection and replace what I can with digital copies. I don’t want to move any more boxes filled with books!

Clearning Clutter

You know those ‘all in one’ solutions? They aren’t half bad if they save on the clutter. Look out for small, simple dual use products – consumables, furniture and kitchen appliances.

My thoughts: getting rid of that scarcity mindset and taking a more minimalist approach to life means you’ll save money, save time and live for experiences.

Your thoughts?

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