How to Create Your Bucket List

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We all have a list of places we want to visit, or things we want to accomplish before we ‘kick the bucket’. Is this list in your head or on paper?  If you don’t, now is the perfect time to get started!

How Should I Create My List?

A bucket list is ever changing and evolving. It’s not something that should sit hiding in a drawer somewhere! Tip: create your bucket list either on your phone or in a notepad (if you still use a pen!)

One of the best ways to get your bucket list started is to borrow ideas from other lists! Checkout, a community of over 200,000 serious bucket list enthusiasts. They have over 3 million bucket list items available for inspiration, so I don’t think you will run out of ideas anytime soon!

Tips for Creating Your List

  • Variety is awesome: your bucket list items isn’t all just about travel. It can be around ANY personal or professional goal you want to achieve before you kick the bucket. Let your mind run wild.
  • Be specific: why do you want to visit a specific city or country? What can you learn? Do your homework! Find out why you’re drawn to visit a specific location. Taking a selfie in Times Square is far more specific and interesting than visit NYC. It gives you a specific activity, task when you get there. The more unique, the more crazy the better and the more meaning you will attach to accomplishing that task!
  • Start with now: add items to your list that you can start doing today or even NOW. You’ll be feeling awesome once you start crossing things off!
  • Add retrospective items: think about all the awesome things you’ve already accomplished. Why not add them to the list? You can cross them off instantly and have a more complete picture of your bucket list.
  • Enjoy the process: creating a bucket list should be fun. Catch up with friends, family and do some brainstorming. You might find you have a lot of items in common. It might spark something and unlock new thoughts, ideas and crazy concepts!

How many items are on your bucket list? How many have you crossed off so far?

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