Life Coaching


Feeling stuck, uninspired or perhaps just need a kick in the right direction?

My goal is your success. What if you made a conscious decision to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you really want to be in life? What if you had someone to guide you, support you and keep you accountable? What would you be able to achieve? How would your life be different?

you won't regret your decision

Picture this. Imagine having someone completely outside of your family, friendship and professional circle whereby you could be yourself in a completely safe environment? What if this person believed in you and encouraged you to achieve far more success than you ever have had before? What if this person could help you stay motivated and on track when normally you would give up?

Hiring a life coach for most people is a life changing experience. It’s a hands-on experience where you will gain new levels of clarity and develop purpose-filled goals. Not only that, you’ll have an accountability partner to help keep you on track. Having a life coach is an investment in you. It’s an opportunity to discover your true potential. Having a Life Coach is one of the single most important decisions you’ll make in your life.


There’s only one way to find out! Contact Joel for an obligation free coaching session so you can trial coaching for yourself.
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Gold – 4 x 1-hour coaching sessions – 2 Months 
This package is perfect if you need to get out of your head and put some goals on paper! These four sessions are usually taken over a two-month timeframe but can be used over whatever timeframe you wish.

Platinum – 6 x 1-hour coaching sessions – 3 Months
This package allows you to get clear on your goals, allowing you to spread your coaching over a three-month timeframe but can be used over whatever timeframe you wish.

VIP –  52 x 1-hour coaching sessions – 12 Months
This package is for massive action takers. This is the package where you will get the highest level of support and accountability from Joel.

Please contact Joel for pricing and payment plan options.

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