[Must Watch] Want More Success? Start With Your ‘Why’ – Simon Sinek

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In an inspirational TED talk, Simon Sinek speaks about a discovery he has made. This discovery has changed the way he perceives the world. He mentions a reoccurring pattern he found in great leaders and innovators such as Martin Luther King, the Wright Brothers and Apple. That is: they all think, act and communicate the same way, being the complete opposite to everyone else. This is best illustrated with ‘The Golden Circle’.

The Golden Circle – (Why -> How -> What)

The golden circle is such a simple concept but once you understand it, you’ll change the way you see your business and your life. In essence, everything must start with your ‘Why’. Once you have your ‘Why’, you can move onto the ‘How’, and the ‘What’. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t get this, and it’s only the select few who do. Simon gives a perfect example of Apple computers, who have very successfully used this model.

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[blockquote]If you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe.[/blockquote]

We all have our own ‘Why’. Simon goes onto explain how a real connection forms when you can form a link between your ‘Why’ and that of your audience or your customer.

[blockquote]There are leaders and there are those who LEAD. Leaders hold a position of power or authority. But those who lead inspire others – organisations or people. We follow them because we want to, we don’t follow them for THEM, we follow them for ourselves. And it’s those that start with WHY that have the ability to inspire those around them or find others that inspire them.[/blockquote]

The Innovation Diffusion Curve

Simon speaks about the innovation diffusion curve, which is understood by dividing a market share up into innovators, early adopters, the early majority, the late majority and the laggards. The early majority won’t jump onboard until the innovators and early adopters have done so. What makes the innovators and early adopters so special? Because they are the risk takers who are happy to make intuitive decisions based upon what they believe about the world.

The Law of Diffusion of Innovation


Start With Why

So, what’s the secret? Start with your ‘Why’. Connect and share your ‘Why’ with like-minded innovators and early adopters.

[blockquote]“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”[/blockquote]

If you would like to know more about Simon, grab a copy of his book: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.

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