Living It vs Learning It – Young Entrepreneur Reveals Awesome Truths on Living Life

[blockquote style=”1″]There’s no reason not to take risks; life is brief in the eye of eternity. – Jake Ducey[/blockquote]

Into The Wind
Into The Wind

Many of us have a vision of what we want to be, that ultimate version of ourselves. The version that isn’t a victim of circumstances, and all the stuff that holds us back. Then there’s the other version. The safe and sensible version that believes that our ultimate identity is just a pipe dream. One young entrepreneur who turned his back on the safe and secure identity in search for a more meaningful life is Jake Ducey. Jake came to the realisation that the path that was planned out for him wasn’t for him. It was a path that simply didn’t made him happy.

Jake and I recently connected on Twitter and I was inspired to share with you his wisdom. You’ll love Jake Ducey’s story. He shares how making the decision to get of his routine and doing something new has completely changed his life. Jake says that living it is about making the best of what you have. So, Jake made the decision to step out on his own and travel. Traveling to Guatemala, Australia and Bali. From living in a tent by the beach to losing all his possessions and facing a near death experience, Jake was inspired to share his story. Since then, he faced rejection time after time. Having almost given up, Jake received some fantastic news. His book had finally been accepted for print. Jake now lives the life of his dreams, speaking to others with his inspirational message.

This could be you too…!

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Jake Ducey in Guatemala

[blockquote style=”1″]Living it isn’t where you go. It’s what you do with what you have. You don’t have to travel around the world in order to make a difference and find yourself. – Jake Ducey[/blockquote]

If you would like to read Jake’s book, you can grab a copy of Into the Wind on Amazon.


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