How to Find Your Passion and Unlock Your Awesome Self

Ever felt a little jealous when watching someone doing what they love, following their passion and you’re struggling with motivation to get out of bed in the morning? Do you wish you had that insane motivation? Instead, you’re thinking, I’m missing this passion, this drive… This excitement for life? You’re not the only one. It’s actually quite normal.

I’m going to help you find your passions, but before we do we need to get clear about where you are today. Chances are you aren’t happy where you are right now. You’re spending your time doing stuff you don’t enjoy, and you’re also feeling like you’re wasting time. With every month and every year that goes by, you’re feeling more and more frustrated with yourself. Beating yourself up for not doing better. For not reaching for the stars. For letting distractions get in the way, stopping you in your tracks.

So what are you feeling? You’re frustrated! You’re angry (at yourself). Things are probably comfortable, but comfortably numb. You know that you’ve got a greater purpose in life. It’s not visible. It’s not material. It’s not part of your experience right now. AND that’s okay. Because things can change, and things can change very quickly.

So if you’re lacking your passion, your drive, you’re probably also looking to find your identity. To find yourself. I’ve heard a lot of people say this. They are trying to find who they are. I’ve also been on the journey to find myself.

A Little Secret

Live your life

Your identity is there. Your passion is there. You actually don’t need to find it. It was found a long time ago. It’s there inside you. It’s about bringing it to the surface. It’s about stepping back into alignment with your true self and your identity. When you do this you can create magic. You are the master and the world becomes your canvas.

So what do you need to do? It’s a decision. It’s a decision that you’re going to wake up. It’s a decision that you’re going to value your life and your accomplishments. It’s a decision to step out of the box and get in touch with what you truly love.

It’s about inviting curiosity into your life. Opening your eyes wider. Be the explorer, not only your outer world but also your inner world. Spend time in meditation, practising mindfulness. Visit places you’ve never been before, and do things you’ve never done before. Listen to your souls desires. Be so conscious about what you enjoy doing. Be aware of what you no longer want to attract into your life and let go of limiting beliefs.

If you keep doing this, you’re making a shift in your mindset. You won’t feel trapped. Your life will expand and there’ll be no looking back. You’ll stop looking because you’ll realise that it’s been found. All you’ll need to do then is give great focus and intensity to your passions.

Stop looking. You’ll only find dead ends, barriers and blocks. Start living. Invite your authentic curious self to rise to the surface. Have an awesome day!



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