Web Marketing Strategies – Where Is Your Focus?

Web Marketing Strategies - Money EyesRecently, I attended an Internet marketing event on the Sunny Gold Coast. I must admit, I’ve been known to be a bit of a seminar junkie, so I’m quite familiar with the typical sales pitches and promises. In this post, I wanted to discuss two different approaches to Internet marketing, and the opportunities behind them. I’m not going to mention names or criticise, but I will give you my two cents and encourage you to share your input.

I find it absolutely fascinating watching a room full of people (of all ages) get excited at the possibility of changing their lifestyle, their income and working towards their ultimate goals and dreams. A few hundred people connected with a purpose of self betterment, a renewed sense of passion for life. The other side of this is greed. Many appear to be so fixated on just making the money, that you start to wonder what they are trading off in return?

Two Sides of The Fence

When it comes to income generation online, there are two very different approaches or attitudes. One I would call ‘Income Driven’ and other ‘Purpose Driven’. You could dable between the two, but I think you’re either primarily focused on one or the other. Let me explain each one in more detail.

Purpose Driven

You know you’re about to be pitched a purpose driven strategy when the speaker starts talking about getting in touch with your passions, your purpose and your interests. Niches that you are so passionate about that you probably would skip a few meals before realising you’ve worked non-stop for hours on end. The idea of tapping into your areas of expertise, and interests and packaging this up into saleable products or services. Ultimately, you’ve shared your gift with the world and hopefully made a lasting positive impact to other’s lives. The result of sharing your gifts, your talents, is the money you receive as part of the sale. You give extreme value, and you get rewarded for it.

Focusing on Quality vs. Quantity and Supply vs. Demand

The trick here it to produce quality content that people would love to ‘like’ and ‘share’. Stuff that empowers others, or teaches them something that they didn’t know before. Perhaps you’re simply entertaining them. At the end of the day, you’re adding VALUE. Strategies using this principle would include: creating best seller books, membership sites and audio products. The list could go on, but I’m not going to go into depth in this post.

It’s also critical to ensure that what you create is actually in demand, or answers a burning question. There’s nothing more disappointing than to put your heart and soul into something only to find that it it flops. Tip: do your market research, and re-purpose your content and knowledge so it is meets a demand in the market.

Establishing Yourself as an Authority Figure

I would say in most cases, the purpose driven strategy has a strong element of self-branding. That being, you’re so passionate about the gift that you share, that you’re more than happy to attach your name to it. As a result, you can become known as an authority figure in your niche.

There’s More to it than the Money

The purpose driven strategy I believe also has to have a greater ‘purpose’ behind simple income generation. There’s a much greater reason and purpose as to WHY you’re making saleable products.

This might be the fact that you love to reach out and connect with others. You love to share your knowledge and you get a kick out of teachers others, and seeing how your knowledge can impact the lives of others (even if only in a small way). Perhaps you want spread a message or make the lives of others easier. Whatever it may be, YOU are inspired to do what you do. You’d probably still do it even if it meant that there was no money involved.

Income Driven

The opposite approach is obvious. When the speaker starts talking about money straight away, you know it’s all about the dollars! The problem I have with this, is that when the focus is 100% money and less about how you can have an impact in the world, then greed kicks in. I understand that not everyone wants to work towards branding themselves or sharing their passions and talents. My question is, if you’re 100% focused on the money what are you trading off in return? In most cases, it’s the relationships. If the focus is 100% money, then you aren’t interested in building relationships with customers. Or if you are, its very surface level until you get that sale. I believe this ‘money hungry’ snake oil salesman approach to internet marketing is what gives it its sometimes cheap, tacky bad name.

Black Hat Trickery Marketing and Spamming Affiliate Links

Black Hat trickery, trying to trick the search engines into thinking the content you have is valuable in return for links is simply WRONG. The ONLY goal here is to generate traffic by any means in order to covert to dollars. This could include spamming affiliate links on social media, building blog networks littered with advertising and affiliate links, with very little ‘real content’. This stuff sucks. This stuff contributes absolutely NOTHING to the internet. I see nothing wrong with being an affiliate marketer, but if you do – promote the products by educating and teaching and share quality. If you’re out to spam as many affiliate links as you can… find a new career!

The Bottom Line 

I understand that you may have a different opinion on this – but if you’re in the business of internet marketing, I think you have an obligation to produce content that contributes something worthwhile to the internet. You have an obligation to leave behind your legacy, your gifts and your knowledge. What you share on the internet will stay on the internet for generations to come. I’d hate your lasting legacy to be a network of tacky looking blog sites that purely existed to drive people to landing pages and affiliate links! I think you’ll be far more successful if you focus on adding real VALUE to the world. The world will thank you for it!

Do you agree? Please leave a comment below!

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