Omharmonics Reviews 2015 – Revolutionary Meditation?

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If you’ve heard of Omharmonics, you’ll know that they promise a lot, including the ability to meditate like a monk in just minutes. Question is: is it really that revolutionary, or is it just another scam? Do you really NEED Omharmoics, or can you just get by using some other meditation program or tape?

I started by testing out the free download myself, and I have since decided to go ahead and purchase the full product (spoiler alert – I am an both an affiliate and a very happy customer!).

What is OmHarmonics

In a nutsell, OmHarmonics is a meditation program that uses Binaural Beats. It’s not the first meditation to feature this technology – there’s been plenty before. Binaural Beats are engineered sounds that have an impact on your brain wave patters. By using stereo headphones, you can allow alternating frequencies to change these patterns. Basically, this forces your brain into a state that would normally take hours of meditation to achieve. Sounds pretty cool, but as I said – this isn’t new, and this isn’t what sets them apart.

They mention that there are four specific points that make them stand out from the crowd, they are:

  1. It synchronises you –  it aligns your senses with audible heartbeats and breathing sounds (called MRT). It brings your body into ‘sync’.
  2. It sounds good – they mix it with pleasant and relaxing music, rather than futuristic sounds.
  3. It oscillates – each track runs a broad range of frequencies to help slip into the ‘Alpha’ state.
  4. It guides you – so that your brain doesn’t ‘rush’ into a particular state.
  5. It’s customised for your day – so that you listen to the audio that is most applicable for you for the time of day and your energy levels.
OmHarmonics Reviews
OmHarmonics Reviews – Both Good and Bad!

What Other OmHarmonics Reviews Say:

To be honest, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Some say they love it, others say that it does very little for them. I believe that our experience of meditation is unique, and you really have to test it out for yourself to make call on this.

My OmHarmonics Review: 

The free download: I really liked the free meditation clip, it worked WONDERS for my overall mood and state of mind, only minutes later. Compared to listening to standard chill-out music… or meditating in silence, I noticed a major difference.  I felt completely relaxed, calm and felt more prepared for the day ahead (rather than my usual ‘zombie’ like state). I have since purchased the program, which I’ll describe my experience below.

The paid product: Each audio you receive has a purpose, and you’ll find them conveniently named. I like some more than others – and listen to them more frequently. ‘The Spark’ and ‘The Balance’ resonate the strongest for me. In particular, ‘The Spark’ – I listen to earlier on in the day, on most days. This especially helps me overcome stressful situations, and gives me a level of clarity and confidence I’m sure I didn’t have otherwise. ‘The Balance’ is an awesome chill-out track which I would recommend listening to during your lunch break (if you’ve had an intense morning), or is the perfect track to end your day with. If you feel your brain needs some ‘downtime’, this is the perfect track.

Meditating like a monk in just minutes? Okay, I’ll be honest – I don’t think I’m at the level of a monk. However, it is quite effective in helping you enter that meditative state within a very short timeframe. This is always a blessing for me when life seems a little crazy, I’m stressed out and the last thing I could picture myself doing is meditating!

Do you have to use all the audios, all the time? I don’t think so. Personally, I use OmHarmonics in combination with other guided meditations. However, I will say that once you’ve used the program for a while, you’ll soon find time to fit OmHarmonics into your daily routine. It’s addictive!!!


  • Great meditation for beginners, or time poor people (like me!)
  • 90 day money-back guarantee
  • Payment plan available


  • Price is more expensive than your average meditation / relaxation CD (but is comparable with other binaural beat meditation programs)
  • Does not include guided meditations, and may not be a complete solution for all your meditative needs

Final Conclusions:

The experience and results of meditating is going to unique between you and me. However, there is proof that binaural beats really does make meditation much easier. This combined with an insanely relaxing audio track makes this product work like magic for me. I’m certain I’m smiling a lot more each and every day after my meditation ;). If you’re short on time, the 15 minute tracks are perfect and you’ll still notice immediate benefit.  Click here to buy now.

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