How a DIY Stand Up Desk Can Make You Live Longer!

Joel Annesley at Standing DeskA certain piece of furniture appears to be making its way to many home offices.  What is it? It’s a standing desk! I’ve read one too many people saying that they’ve made the switch and haven’t looked back. So on the weekend, I made a trip to IKEA, and bought a LACK Coffee table to sit on top of my built in study-nook desk. It’s my own make-shift design, but hey – at $29 I think it was worth the investment! Obviously this solution may not work for you, depending on your size and height requirements.

Why I Made the Switch

I was becoming increasingly aware of myself slouching in my chair, especially when tired. As a result, I would find myself losing my focus and often allowed myself to get sidetracked. Not only am I aware that it was bad for my posture, it was having an indirect result on my productivity.

The Health Benefits

I’m quite surprised (and shocked, actually) to see just how beneficial it is for you to stand up at your desk.

Without going into too much detail:-

  • Standing burns more calories.
  • Standing decreases your chances of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes & blood clots.
  • Standing increases your ability to focus for longer and stay more alert.

On further research, I soon found out just how bad the act of sitting is for prolonged periods of time. This infographic sums it up nicely!

The act of standing for a long period of time is tiring in-itself, but it does force yourself to keep moving. It’s early days yet, but so far I’m finding the adjustment quite easy. I have in-fact found myself breaking out into a few dance moves while nobody’s looking. The biggest advantage is the increased motivation you’ll have. You have a reason to increase your productivity. When I feel that I’ve accomplished a task, then I’m happy to sit down and give my legs a break.

Where Can You Get a Standing Desk? 

As I mentioned previously, I converted my existing desk by adding a small coffee table on top. But, if you’re looking for a stand-alone desk, then IKEA has a great range of tabletops and legs that you can choose from. Make sure you know your measurements before you purchase, otherwise you may end up chocking up the table with phone books!

The Ultimate Solution

The ultimate solution is an automatic adjustable desk. I’m not going to link to any particular brands, but my friend Google had lots of results. Time to add to my wish-list!

What is your experience with a stand-up desk? Does it work for you? I’d love to hear your comments!

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