How To Find The Inspiration To Keep Blogging

I have to admit I’ve been giving myself a hard time for not keep up with posting regular content on my blog. It’s often a combination of factors; a lack of energy, motivation, ideas or my time gets eaten up with more pressing tasks (and the pressing tasks never fade away!). Regardless, my unloved blog has been in the back of my mind…

Perhaps it’s the perception that blogging is a time waster, and doesn’t contribute to anything necessarily productive. But all of a sudden a few things have happened to inspire me to change my attitude. That’s what I’m going to discuss below, because I’ve been unnecessarily sending my blog to the gravesite… well before its time!

In this post, I thought I would outline why I’m not / you shouldn’t give up your blog….

You’ll always get visitors even if you don’t post new content.

Ok, so I had a sudden realisation after recently checking my blog stats that even if I haven’t blogged in months, I STILL GET TRAFFIC! Of course it’s not a huge amount, and it’s certainly not growing – but it’s consistent.  It made me realise that if people are still visiting…. still finding me for content that I posted ages ago, then I’m still having an impact on the blogosphere (and maybe… just maybe I’ve helped someone in some away). So, if I give my blog some fresh ideas / regular content, then this will directly coincide with an increase to the number of visitors.Give value and you shall receive.

Having a look at all my previous posts, it’s a clear winner that the most popular posts are the ones that provide information or answer a question. It’s a nice feeling to think that your experience and expertise can help an anonymous reader!

Comments give you confidence.

Just when you think your blog is dead and buried, someone will find your article interesting and leave a comment thanking you. It made me re-think my approach of ‘ditching my blog’ for more important tasks and gave me a reason to continue blogging (even if it’s not converting to the dollars you had hoped for).

Earning $2 dollars AdSense revenue is better than nothing.

Let’s be honest… if you don’t have an increase in the number of readers, then you cannot convert this into an increase of revenue. However, why not be inspired by the fact that your blog has made a few dollars here and there. It is proof that blogs can make money, just not necessarily big dollars overnight. The point I want to make is, it’s not the amount that matters, it’s the fact that a blog IS converting to revenue. It’s just a matter of scaling this up by introducing more content and work on some back linking strategies. So why was I procrastinating? You tell me!

Your blog is your voice.

I realised that I needed to chance my attitude to blogging. I didn’t fully understand the true value of a blog. It is the opportunity to create, share and distribute our thoughts and opinions to a mass audience. How else can one do this with such ease and for such a small investment?

Patience is a virtue.

It’s very tempting to throw in the towel after blogging for some months and feeling like you haven’t really achieved anything. In all honesty, you have, you just can’t see it yet. It’s like any major project – whether it be the construction of a house or painting a masterpiece, you won’t see results straight away. Even better, the chances of fame through blogging is far more achievable in comparison to becoming a famous artist…. You don’t necessarily have to die before your work is considered valuable!

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